Premature triplets reunited after struggling brother born with lung condition

Premature triplets reunited after struggling brother born with lung condition

A couple who had to leave one of their premature triplets in hospital due to a chronic lung condition are thrilled to finally have them all reunited at home.

First-time mum Lauren, 28, and Jack Mountain, 29, hit the headlines in January when they defied the odds of “200 million to one” to welcome among the most premature sets of identical triplets ever to be born in Britain.

The couple, from Bewdley, welcomed River, Leo and Beau at the height of the pandemic and when the babies were no more than 29 weeks.

Despite the high-risk pregnancy, they arrived six minutes apart after an emergency C-section in the early hours of January 16.

While Leo and Beau were fine to go home in April, River was forced to stay behind due to “a few more wobbles” related to a chronic lung disease he was born with.

The baby still relies on oxygen, but doctors have decided it is now safe enough for him to return home to his brothers.

“We’ve been working with doctors to get him stable and so it was safe”, Lauren said, “and then it was decided home would be a better place for him”.

The mum said it was quite “overwhelming” at start as she had to go “back and forth” to see her child.

Speaking when she was only able to take two of her three sons home in April, she said: “It is bittersweet being able to take the two home and leaving River in the hospital when he is otherwise so strong and healthy.”

She has now said it feels like a “dream come true” that she can finally have all her babies in one place.

Lauren described the bittersweet goodbye to staff who spent the last four months looking after her child saying: “They were all really sad, but happy, to see River go,” she said, “I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for us and our boys.”

The babies now “chatter and smile” at home together, the mum said, before adding it is “absolutely lovely” to see them reunited.

The tiny trio were born at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, with River and Beau weighing 3lbs 1oz while Leo weighed in at 3lbs.

It was previously reported how their proud parents were shocked to learn at their 12 weeks scan they not only expected their first child – but their first three.

The couple said they are learning to tell their identical boys apart – by their head shape.

Speaking about how they recognise which triplet is which, Lauren said: “It is probably only Jack and I and a few family members who can tell them apart. I think even the nurses in the hospital struggled.

“There are differences in their head shape we use to distinguish them but they might grow out of those.”